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Luiza Prado (b. 1988 Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo/Br) lives and works in Berlin/De. Prado is a transdisciplinary artist. Her research is on artistic intercession in cognitive and neural system, specifically with the use of photography, noise and performance. Shes speculates the rescue of molecular memory and psychological treatments of traumas with the use of
art, and the use of the same in experiments related to physics and electroacoustic starting from the theory of the “camera obscura”. Working in the field of arts since 2012 and participated in fairs such as Scope Miami, Stroke Art Fair, exhibitions in Brazil and Latin America and some European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, among others. Has works in public collections such as the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Bogota and the Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporaneo de Cusco, Peru


I define my work as transdisciplinar by the integration and search of solutions through the intersection between art and sciences. Despite having an undefined horizon, they integrate, organize and marge, keeping the body as the character that transits between macro and micro, public and private.
The body becomes pivotal in an aesthetics full of rituals and ancestral signs, keeping it close to the material that constitutes, this same material that stimulates the denial and disgust. I consider this composition a developer mechanism of an aesthetics considered alternative, expanded and a lot of times organic, processing in platforms in times traditional and technical; fluids, blood, remains, oxidation, putrefaction and recycling.
The feminine, the (de)colonization, deconstruction of privileges, syncretism, indigenous issues, gender, politics and psychosis – these subjects, among others, are frequent in my work that is triggered by my own biography.
Just like insanity, art wasn’t a choice, it was a need. I view in art a kind of resistance and liberation, a reprocessor method and multiple perspectives without development limits, questioning and mostly inclusive


Paternally has Portuguese and Jewish origin and is the eighth generation of Friar Antonio Galvao Santanna, Brazilian saint. And maternally descended from Native Americans of the Puri ethnicity. The paternal family was one of the families responsible for the colonization of the Natives which she descends maternally. This colonization was responsible for the marginalization and near extinction of them and Prado suffered directly with the colonial heritage, therefore saying that she carries “the colonizer and colonized”.
In Germany, found more information about their ethnicity, especially Paul Ehrenreich, Berliner anthropologist and photographer, responsible for studies on Puri mythology and the feminine role in their tribes. Luiza was peripheral and suffered several traumas involving rape and domestic violence besides the excessive use of drugs and alcohol since childhood. Adult discovered a psychosis and also developed other psychological disorders like panic syndrome and depression and found in art his catharsis.

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