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The violations are an imposition, and the roots of the colonized countries, are based on this method. In a literal basis,
violations and sexual abuses, geographically, in its majority were rooted through the introduction of concepts
and stories that were not a part of these people and the methodic destruction of its culture: the ethnocide. 


cultus luiza pradocultus luiza prado

Nowadays we suffer an ethnocide through the media, through the politics, as a manner of recreating our roots in a liberal division form, and is up to the art the encounter of the autonomy of these relations from the past, present and future, a rewrite of this story and a search of the causes of the actual problems being deep in its source.


procedimento luiza pradoprocedimento luiza prado


Colonized sexuality is an investigation with an artistic positioning, before the roots of the violations beginning in South America. Through he colonization theme, appears a debate with an artistic positioning specially in a way of catalyze problems being based on arts and using it as a tool in psychology, philosophy, anthropology among other way of studying, and also as solver, as in both, catharsis and an oral story rescue. This project is focused specially in photography and performance, exactly because these artistic tools refers to a primitive aspect remembering the roots of our land. The photography as a evocation and the performance as a ritual.




Body Art

The installations and objects are made with common use objects, specifically of women's use, along with transgender and homossexual, both connected to subjects that discourse sexuality and colonisation, making interdisciplinary and comparative approaches between times of history and evolution of speeches.

During the process of this work I used my body, once again, as a manifest. This time through Body Art, specifically tattoo, for being a transcendental technique which comes together with the subject addressed in this research.