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performance - The name of the performance is based on Chico Buarque de Holanda music - "Cálice" - lyricstranslate.com/en/calice-chalice.html

For this performance, I counted at least 10 men and the act would be me in the crucifixion position, but without the cross, because it brings us back to the masculine figure and I wanted the female figure to be the center of the action. In this action, I am the mirror and I am willing to suffer this humiliation and I make it possible and a group of men in line must urinate on my feet, one at a time.

tirinha 1tirinha 1

My first analysis was that for the sake of this feasibility of wanting to suffer this "supposed" humiliation and face a concept of subalternity while placing this sign mirroring the other, thus exalting a pulse and a "negative" attitude that many deny having and, having as a backdrop, the outline of a male figure, however, a woman's body, naked, in order to deface and deconstruct signs assigned to me, culturally by them.

I've been trying to carry out this performance about a year and during the first attempt when I was undressing, I was blocked by the police, so, during the second time I decided to approach people and perform the act in an abandoned school in Cambuci - SP. I approached several people and initially my priorities were: artists, actors from liberal or LGBT theaters, people involved with fetish and sex professionals. During the entire process, about 80 people were approached, but many of these people did not answer me, a few stopped speaking to me and others blocked me from social networks.

afasta de mim e se cala-seafasta de mim e se cala-se

The reactions ranged from anger to laughter, some thought I was making a joke, and the others largely considered it a sexually oriented performance.

tirinha 1tirinha 1

What I hear from the main reactions were;

“I would pee on you if you were a man” - Actor
“I’m sorry, but I like men” - Friend
“(laughter) I would like to see, but I wouldn’t pee on her” - Photographer of artistic nudes
“What a bizarre idea, I wouldn’t urinate on her, no, I don’t like these fetishes” (?) - Known supporter of free love
“Urinate on you? Are you crazy???” - Colleague
“My genital organ is going to appear? Can we throw water instead of me urinating?” - Artist
"I can’t urinate with lots of men looking at me” - Artist friend
“You’re a sick person” - Friend


After trying people who I thought could accept the performance, I decided to approach people from ordinary professions. The reaction was the same:

“Aren’t you afraid of catching a disease?” - Unknown
“This is a proposal?” - Acquaintance
“This is a porn movie? My dick is going to appear? - Graffiti artist friend
“You are totally sick” - Friend
“My God, Luiza, you are crazier by the day!!!” - Friend
“I would even urinate, man, but you’re my friend”  - Friend

The third attempt ended up in a forest in São Paulo and I waited for someone to decide to urinate on me, but as that would be somewhat unlikely that someone would urinate on someone with open arms, the photographer Costa Lara, who documented the scene, asked people on the street. Most were scared, but we got lucky and a drunk was going by, he probably did not understand anything and just wanted to urinate even though, after urinating, he realized the situation he was in and he left a little bewildered.

The fourth action continues in search of the possibility of performing the act with the original intention: a minimum of 10 men.


calice 2 luiza pradocalice 2 luiza prado