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More selected projects

Rudimentary Policy

(The Brazilian privileged class)


To understand what motivated this project, read this excellent article


The Game Board

"Impunity" it is a board game about the attitudes of the privileged politically or economically in Brazil. In this game you will only have chances to stay if privileged (rich, white, male, heterosexual and be Christian), in contrast, will die in the next house.
Most homes are set transcribed crimes in the Brazilian Constitution, all crimes allow you receiving bribes.
Every house is necessary raffle a letter as the color that appears on the board, these letters have historical information about the Brazilian reality and that their actions have on the people, knowing the facts, you can choose to stay or quit the game.
On board there are special houses, these they provide awards such as; open account in Switzerland to invest illicit money, be unscathed by arrests and accusations, winning a "patriot kit" (CBF shirt, a Bible, a military cap, a plagiarized duck FIESP, truncheon ...) you can also get 100 years of disinformation and irresponsible media, privatizing companies and public spaces such as hospitals and universities, have a state such as Petrobras and make all that well understood, it is also possible to earn a school lunch.

The game comes with helicopters, cocaine, weapons, contractors, power plants, farms, fake documents, police, military, credit card, dollars.

impunidade luiza prado 2impunidade luiza prado 2

Nature and Brazilian diversity

The coloring books

"Brazilian Fauna and Flora" bring cases of holdings of "disasters" environmental in Brazil, also citing companies responsible for the deaths of Brazilian biodiversity. The notebook comes with Color Pencils (only brown is available)

"Brazilian Diversity" bring cases of genocide, racism and xenophobia. Cases of death in the periphery of indigenous native peoples and quilombolas, among other people treated with social neglect. The notebook comes with Color Pencils (only white, because the privileged Brazilian believes that "we are all equal")

caderno de colorir luiza pradocaderno de colorir luiza prado

Game Against lady

almost a chess

Chess, Checkers game or all against one, it is the figure of the woman when she decides to take a position that is not imposed by the privileged. The lady remain on the opposite side of all other parts that opposes it.

The People

The Imaginary Friend

The children often have imaginary friends. This same way the privileged in Brazil sees the people as a friend, someone who supports, is in production, genuine creation, invention, and other vital sectors in sustaining an "individual" but for the privilegedafter all the People does not exist.


This game happens only on paper!

To make the game more complex and you do not paint the entire page, we distribute the names of 200 pages.

The fascist baby

The "Fascistinha" is a doll that seeks to identify who plays with him. In addition to having his face, he speaks racist phrases, xenophobic, misogynist, among other absurdities without historical basis and distortion of facts, just push any part of your excretory apparatus he talks to you.