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W A N T E D 

We are made of connections. When we are seen, we are aware of who we are, but we are not our own foundation, this is outside of us and we see it through the other. Through our gaze, we live possibilities, for the other makes us objective, including that of being. In being objectified, we acquire an external dimension in search of an essence.

“Existence precedes essence.” Sartre

This project seeks to look outside in search of its own essence. This is about the search of non-confrontation of the freedom of the other, starting from the point of possibility of alienation of signs and the deconstruction of the same, where all of us can create a non-existent and ubiquitous image, represented by the online field.

In an age of technology where freedom has become infinite, in the tangential field and offline, we do not always transmit the freedom we speak of to others.

Technically these portraits are taken, made and appropriated  from the capture by Google Car or Google Earth, and from this, that image is treated in cellphone applications and published on social networks so that other users can interact and recreate the history of the stranger being depicted, in which, finally, the acquisition of knowledge becomes relative in every process such as the new perspective of ownership, the acquisition of knowledge rambles on in an analysis of self-knowledge that starts from the unknown. 

This exercise makes us undergo a search for the essence in the other based on what we know, achieving a dimension, together with an alienation of the gaze towards the other. The online and offline transit, persona and creation.

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